Adviser to the President of Georgia on the Issues of Persons with Disabilities met with the Representatives of Khashuri, Gori, and Akhlatsikhe City Council and City Hall

The meeting was conducted as part of the project involving ‘The European Foundation,’ the Coalition for Independent Living, and Society Biliki.

During the meeting, Simon Petridis, the adviser to the President on Issues of Persons with Disabilities, provided information to the municipality representatives about disability programs in Croatia, Norway, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. They also discussed their obligations under national legislation and conventions.

The conversation covered the implementation of these programs within the municipalities and the practical steps taken for this purpose. Simon Petridis emphasized his satisfaction with the readiness of the municipal leaders, who are also members of the mayor’s disability councils, to embrace innovations and enhance services in their municipalities.

As part of the project, additional meetings will be held with other municipalities, and cooperation will be strengthened to advance the implementation of the Convention on Persons with Disabilities.


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