Development of corporate social responsibility and promotion of employment of vulnerable groups.

In Gori, organized by “Society Biliki”, representatives of businesses, social enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organizations of the Shida Kartli region gathered and discussed the issues of social responsibility development and employment of vulnerable groups.

The presentations, panel discussions, discussions of successful examples by private business representatives, the work of social enterprises and the sharing of Slovak experience, made it clear how important and timely the cooperation of the non-governmental and business sector is for the development of social responsibility in the region, promoting the employment of vulnerable groups and strengthening the ecosystem of the region.

The participants of the discussion discussed what challenges the business sees in promoting the employment of people with disabilities and what the local employment market is like for vulnerable groups.

Nino Giorgadze, the head of private business and social enterprise, who also led the panel discussion of the meeting, shared his business history, experience of social entrepreneurship and information gained during the study visit to Slovakia.
It was interesting to share the experiences of young startups and representatives of social enterprises. The following spoke about their activities: Soso Mezvrishvili, social cafe “Space”, Jondo Tsertsvadze, startup “King of Pickles”, Nino Chalauri, “Chikori” dried fruit enterprise, Badri Tsikubadze, enterprise “Enlil” and Sofio Tuaev, social entrepreneur.

This part of the meeting was chaired by Elene Chkheidze, corporate social responsibility expert.
Tako Rodonaia, corporate communications specialist, Mariam Devrisashvili, representative of the Alliance of Social Enterprises, Nino Sukhitashvili, local business representative, environmental protection specialist of Heidelberg Cement company, Mariam Gogava, non-governmental organization “Komli” and Nino Liparteliani, Khashuri also participated in the discussions. The chairman of the municipality council, who spoke about the program in the municipality to promote the employment of disabled people.

At the end, the participants emphasized the importance of deepening the cooperation of the local non-governmental sector with business and social entrepreneurs operating in the region and raising awareness about social responsibility.

“Such meetings are very important, because it is necessary to create and implement such attitudes in our country, which will allow people with special needs to be able to obtain appropriate knowledge, develop skills and be employed. In this regard, the involvement and participation of business is crucial. It is important that companies create an inclusive work environment. to see creation as a necessary condition for the development of their business, because a number of studies clearly show us that the employment of diverse people with different abilities contributes to the development of corporate culture, the creation of a harmonious work environment and the introduction of a number of innovative approaches, “said Tako Rodonaia, corporate communications specialist.

“Society Biliki” plans to hold similar meetings in Marneuli and Zugdidi.
The meeting with the representatives of the business sector of Shida Kartli was held within the framework of the projects “Promoting the employment of disabled people and optimizing the labor policy in the labor market of Georgia” and “Civil society initiative: sustainable, open and accountable civil society organizations for the development of Georgia”.

The projects are implemented by “Society Biliki” with the financial support of Slovak Aid and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.


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