Flesh Mob in Gori

On June 8, 2024, Gori Public School #9 students held a flash mob in Gori Mall. Students adopted the role of people with disabilities to attract the public’s attention on the problems of PwD, – protect their rights, and improve the quality of their life.

“When I brought the wheelchairs and the students went through the rehearsal, they were a bit surprised; how PwD seemed to be able to move around easily,” said teacher Natia Makrakhidze, the author of the flash mob scenario and the organizer of the staging.

The members of the inclusive Zumba Fitness Georgia • ზუმბა ფიტნესი საქართველო led by Keti Zazanashvili joined the flash mob and presented a performance on an inclusive theme to the community gathered in Gori Mall.

The flash mob was led by a poster competition held at the school on the theme of protecting the rights of people with disabilities. The best works were presented in the lobby of Gori Mall. The participants of the poster competition were awarded certificates.

Thanks to “Gori mall” pizzeria PuPone • Pupone, which hosted the participants of the flash mob, and “Gori mall” for cooperation and support.

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