On February 23, 2024, Marneuli Center for civic engagement hosted a meeting with business representatives of Marneuli municipality, organized by Society Biliki

The goal of the meeting was to discuss the issues of the development of social responsibility and supported employment of vulnerable groups.

Marika Mgebrishvili, a Head of the “Society Biliki” presented the activities implemented within the project and its results and recomendations.

Nino Giorgadze, the head of private business and social enterprise, who also led the discussion during the meeting, shared her business history, social entrepreneurship experience, and information gained during the study visit to Slovakia with the participants.

Presentations, discussions, demonstration of successful examples of social responsibility implemented by private business representatives, work of social enterprises and sharing of Slovak experience shown how important and timely is the cooperation of the non-governmental and business sector for the development of social responsibility, promotion of employment of vulnerable groups and strengthening of the eco-system of the region.

The representatives of small business sector of Marneuli Municipality such as greenhouse, nursery, horticulture and farming, as well as beauty salon, coffee drive-cafe, bakery, jewellery and cardboard cup manufacturers, the State Agency of Supported Employment, local government and non-governmental organizations, attended the meeting.

The meeting with the representatives of the Marneuli municipality business sector was held in the framework of the project “Supported Employment and Optimization of Services in the Labor Policy in Georgia” implemented by „Society Biliki“ and Slovak organization TENENET with the financial support of Slovak Aid.

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